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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

*Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy known as, BHRT is a safe, effective and reliable medical theraphy that combats the biological effects of aging. BHRT works by bringing our body's vital hormones such as testoterone, human growth hormone, and estrogen back to optimal levels. By using natural plant-based substances that have an identical molecular structue and chemical composition as our own hormones. These natural hormones have a large role in the way your body functions and control everything from your metabolism to the way you feel.

*Testosterone- A sex hormone prodiced by men and women which inhbits the storage of fat, especially in problem areas like the abdomen.

*Progesterone-A sex hormone produced by men and women that facilties the conversion of stored body fat to energy. This is often prescribed to women to control the urge to overeat, a symptom pf progesterone imbalance.

*DHEA- A hormone that promotes  weight loss by increasing the body's metabolism, preventing fat storage, and supressing the ap[etite for dietary fats.

*Humn Growth Hormone (HCG)- A hormone that converts body fat into muscle mass and inhbits the production of the body fat. It also improves the immune system.

*Estradiol-A form of estrogen that helps women control their appetite and sugar cravings.

*Insuin- A hormone responsible for glucose absorption in the liver, muscles, and fat tissues that helps to regulate your body's fat metabolism.

Consulting with weight 2 Go Staff, we will be more than happy to analze your hormonal levels and develop a personalized BHRT program for you to help you restore your hormone levels and weight loss and health.


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